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Love Your Body Well Podcast - Episode 63

Happy New Year! This is usually the time of year that most people decide to focus on health and wellness. My guest, Jill Tant, a Mayo Clinic certified wellness coach and the founder of Waterfall Wellness Coaching, has a perspective for you to consider when focusing on health and wellness. She discusses the importance of creating a wellness vision for the new year, with a focus on self-love and maintaining a positive mindset!

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Raving Coaches Podcast

Join me as I chat with Jill, a wellness coach who has a unique background in corporate banking. We dive into her decision to leave the corporate world and focus on being a mom, and how that led her to discover her passion for health and wellness. Jill shares her journey of becoming a certified wellness coach and starting her own business, Waterfall Wellness Coaching. We discuss the challenges she faces in the saturated world of social media and her approach to building connections and community with other moms. It's a conversation filled with insights on finding balance, building confidence, and prioritizing self-care as a mom.

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Wet Wipes and Wine Podcast

Navigating the fun of parenting? 

You're in good company here on Wet Wipes and Wine! Join me, Nikki Collinson-Phenix, as we tread the tightrope walk of parenting, with a special nod to those unexpected in-flight acrobatics. This episode features the remarkable Jill, who traded in her corporate heels for the no-less daunting world of full-time motherhood. Together, we discuss the underbelly of parenting - from the pangs of anxiety to the pursuit of the often elusive 'perfect' parent model - and how the pandemic magnified these struggles. Revel in Jill's journey towards becoming a wellness coach, a beacon for other moms in the throes of similar battles.

When's the last time you savored the sound of your child's laughter, even amid the chaos of a tantrum-filled day? We get real about the bittersweet symphony of parenting - the crescendo of a newborn's cries against the soft decrescendo of fleeting joyous moments. In this episode, we unwrap the gift of community support and the solace found in therapy, all the while navigating the transient, yet profound, journey of raising children. It's a heart-to-heart that affirms you’re not alone in forgetting the trials when the triumphs of parenthood shine through.

For all the moms out there treading water, this one's for you. We're swapping war stories and sharing strategies for maintaining sanity in the beautiful bedlam of raising kids. Hear how a moment’s pause can transform reactions into thoughtful responses, and how admitting to our parenting flubs can strengthen the fabric of our family life. From anecdotes to actionable advice, this episode is packed with wisdom for those looking to enrich their parenting playbook. So pour yourself some liquid patience, grab a wet wipe, and let's navigate this wild adventure together.

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